armb (armb) wrote,

Dear lazyweb

I want a network filesystem that continues to work when the network goes away, and magically reconciles stuff when it comes back. (For use on a Linux laptop which mostly lives in a docking station, but not always.)

I've found and

Both of them look as if they are trying to solve exactly this problem, but both look like interesting research projects not really ready for production use. Am I wrong? Have I missed something?

If I fall back on "have a local copy, sync regularly with the server", any recommendations?
("Make it all a DVCS repository" (bazaar looks a front runner, git another strong possibility), and Unison are possibilities.)

(And, related, I want to be able to login while disconnected, but keep account information in step with the stuff currently using NIS.
Use "ypcat passwd" (while connected) and compare with local entries? ?
Something else?)

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