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I have, incidentally, been absolutely forbidden to buy a "project" tandem like or

I didn't mention (or the (slightly incomplete) tandem chainset that has been in the shed since a previous Mildenhall Cycle Rally Jumble).
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We tried out a tandem today (me and R, and me and Alice (and some of the time just me)).
A Dawes Galaxy Twin, hired from

It was quite scary getting used to starting off on it, but overall considered a success.

Lunch at which was good but took a long time to arrive - R's baked stuffed sweet potato might have been a mistake, as it was a very large sweet potato, which presumably took a long time to bake.


I think I'm going to need varifocals Real Soon Now. For reading fine print on things, or reading in low light, or looking closely at detailed maps or GPS screen on holiday, I'm peering over the top of my glasses so I can hold things closer.

Or contact lenses and reading glasses. Or more than one pair of glasses for different things. Or another possibility I haven't thought of.

(I wore hard gas permeable contact lenses for years, but gave up when I was losing tolerance for wearing them all day (with long commute partway though house moves). If I had to wear glasses part of the day, it was easier to just wear them full time. But lens technology has moved on in the around ten years since then, so going back to them might be an option. Varifocal contact lenses of a sort do exist, but I don't find the idea very convincing. But maybe they work better than I expect.)

Is there an option I've missed? Suggestions? Recommendations?

(Laser surgery to correct the basic short sight is an "eww, squick, I don't want anyone doing that to my eyes" option.)

"I write like" meme
"H.P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness (from here): George Orwell.
George Orwell, Burmese Days, chapter one (from here): Margaret Mitchell.
Charles Manson quotes (from here, both pages, with the words “Charles Manson” removed): Kurt Vonnegut.
Mao Tse Tung (in translation, sources of quotes removed, from here): Kurt Vonnegut.
Unabomber’s Manifesto (from here): Mario Puzo.
Hitler’s Mein Kampf, chapter one (in translation, from here): Ernest Hemingway."

"Foo. Wanted cool; got balonium."


Note to self for future reference - alternative to conventional radiators if/when the downstairs underfloor heat fails.

Not ideal - in the library it would be behind bookshelves, though I suppose we could add a plinth. But worth considering. (There are places it would look better upstairs too, but I've already done the radiators there now.)

Variable focus glasses

Optical elements that change their refractive index because of an applied electric field aren't particularly new. But actually building them into a wearable pair of glasses is.

Well, it still looks a bit vapourware-ish, but it's an intriguing possibility. And the potential for going badly and permanently wrong should be much less than the "fix underlying short sightedness with laser surgery, then use reading glasses" approach. (I don't need bifocals yet, but no doubt the time will come. I might try going back to contact lenses again first.)

(but see also )

Dear cats

Complaining about cleaning up mouse guts from the kitchen floor doesn't mean I want live mice released in the kitchen instead.
And the laundry basket might make an ideal hiding site for pouncing on your brother from, but not while it's half full of wet washing I am trying to hang on the line.